(1: My wrinkle babies have reached their terrible twos in just 6 months. 2: The good thing is that the exhibition opening went well, thesis seminars went well and we've got some pretty good feedback. 3: Damage Limit has been selling pretty nicely as well. So nicely in fact that it's officially sold out.)

Eli aika pirun hyvin meni, kiitos teille vaikka kiitoksia satelee vielä myöhemminkin! Ne jotka eivät päässeet Mältinrantaan asti, niin tässä on kuva installoinnista ennen avajaisia.
Installoinnista tulikin paljon palautetta ja keskustelua, jota itse kaipasin. Sarjakuvan installoiminen muuten kuin ripustamalla originaaleja seinälle on haastavaa ja siten mielenkiintoista! 

So yeah everything went pretty damn well, thank you although I'll be showering you with thank yous later on as well! Here's a picture of the bed installation before the opening for those who didn't make it to Mältinranta.

There was a lot of conversation about the installation and I got a lot of feedback which I greatly needed. Putting comics on display in gallery spaces is challenging and interesting when we go beyond just hanging originals on the walls!



(1: And after a week I'm on my way to Naples! There we are Headresting and representing Finland. Absolutely insane!! 2: Because social media is a god, I'm now in Twitter (again). I'll be tweeting about the Naples gig and about Damage Limit too I suppose. 3: Speaking of Damage Limit, a new printing will be available in Helsinki Comics Festival! Thanks Kumiorava! See you in September <3 4: Thank you for checking out the exhibition and for all the support and friendship and and OH LAWD!!)

Muh twittaah 

Käykää toki vielä vilkaisemassa Ylin Nappi Auki -näyttelyn FB-sivuilta kuvia näyttelyn avajaisista. Sikasiistii!
Please check out the Top Button Undone exhibtion's FB page for pictures from the opening! Cool stuff!