(Hot damn! So it turns out that the Kumiorava publishing company is pushing Damage Limit out and new copies will be available for You first time in the Helsinki Comics Festival. Oh dear me!)


(Also: I have my own studio space now!)



Toisaalta ei ole edes oma, jaan työtilat viiden kuuden muun taiteilijan kanssa. Ylimmässä kuvassa on banaani mittasuhteiden hahmottamista varten.

It's not really my own, I'm sharing the space with five six other artists. There's a banana for scale in the upper picture.



(This place is almost in the middle of a forest and the number of kilometers cycled daily is somewhere over 20. Flesh is weak but not for long. - Ow fuk. - I hate you.)






(In reality the disadvantages are merely aesthetic in nature. - Why do I sweat so much?)





(We live exciting times. It is certain that during the night my mind will be overflowing with all the possible worst-case scenarios. So good night, my honey bunnies! - Aw fuk.)