(Hot damn! The Helsinki Comics Festival starts within 3 days! Come on everybody! - How is it possible I've totally missed those cyclops birds?)



(1: If you haven't checked out the festival program or who are going to be there, don't waste any more time! The official website is also available in English: http://www.sarjakuvafestivaalit.fi/in-english  2: You probably remember the Headrest exhibition at Nunes, right? 3: There will be guided tours throughout the festival weekend and our exhibition is part of it, yours truly will be your guide on Friday at 3:50 PM. Welcome!)



(3: I'll also be around signing some books, so come and say hi! 2: You can find me from the Kumiorava Publishing Company's table on Friday (from 6 to 7 PM) and Saturday (12 to 1 PM). 3: My gut says it's gonna be an exciting festival. See you on the weekend, toodles!)