(1: Even though the trip took closer to 15 hours, the fear of death kept me entertained so I didn't have the time to get bored. - I am dead and Death is my steed. 2: There was hardly any problems and I even made it to Chemnitz. - Hey Emmi! 3: I can take your bag. - Thanks... - Welcome to Chemnitz! I hope your trip went well? 4: Will Emmi learn to be less afraid of the outside world during this trip? A relevant question. Oh and suppose I have to do something while I'm here... - The car is parked just outside.)


Noni, nyt alkaa tämäkin tarina, useammassa osassa kuten Napolinkin päiväkirja. Helpompi näin ja kamaa kuitenkin riittää kerrottavaksi pitkin viikkoa. Allekirjoittaneella oli siis ilo ja kunnia päästä Chemnitziin selittämään Tampereen sarjakuvameiningeistä ja ihan omastakin tuotannosta. Matkalla oli jännitystä, kielimuureja, currywurstia ja fallista arkkitehtuuria. Ai että!

All righty, finally got myself enough time to start telling this story, in several parts like the Naples diary. It's easier this way and there is enough to show for the whole week. In short, yours truly had the honor and pleasure to go to Chemnitz and educate local enthusiasts about the comics scene in Tampere and believe it or not, my own production as well. The trip was full of excitement, language barriers, currywurst and phallic architecture. Oh lawdy!