(1: Uhhh... 2: Hey I'm Emmi. So good to see so many of you here. I'm nervous.)


(Earlier that day I had visited a local art gallery and there I went on and on about Tampere.Cool and our event. I also mentioned how I worried about people not coming, so the gallery keeper Bernd decided to help us out.)
(Oh everything went so well! - Yeah, I mean shockingly well!)
(My own presentation went well, Merja and Dieter both offered an experience that was practically magical in library environment. Nothing went to shits!)

Ihan ekaksi Berndille iso käsi Suomen puolelta, kun hän jeesasi FB:n kautta. Onneksi Chemnitzissä tiedottaminen oli hoidettu muutenkin jo tosi hyvin. Oli lehtisiä, radiossa ja lehdessä mainintaa, some-hälinää ja vaikka mitä, joten toinen iso käsi siitä Chemnitzin väelle. Sitä jengiä tulikin 70 hengen edestä. Ihan tajutonta.

Tämän illan päivitys on valitettavasti vain kaksi sivua, mutta huomenna on taas aikaa vääntää. Huomiseen siis!

First off, a great big thanks to Bernd for offering his social media assistance. Luckily the people responsible for the event planning had done a really good job with media as well. They had flyers, we were mentioned in the newspapers and on the radio, there was some social media buzz already etc., so great big thanks to our hosts as well! We ended up having an audience of 70 people. That's insane.

Tonight's update is unfortunately only two pages, but tomorrow I have enough time again. Until tomorrow!