(There in the company of other mute midgets it would have been good to contemplate the state of things, why things didn't go wrong? Instead things have gone well (besides the railway strike) and the 15th night came without nightmares*. Such horrible waste! So horrible... I assume at that point the employees of the nearby cafe would come and try to strike up an acquaintance with me in German.
- Miss. Miss. Is everything alright? - Kotipizza.

*reference to Juice Leskinen's song Viidestoista yö (the Fifteenth Night)




(1: Aw fuck it so COLD! 2: Uuhhh, now I really need to wrap things up. Umm uhh.. 3: Hey Andreas, Petra, Suvi, everyone from the Chemnitz city library, penguins and the girl at the hotel reception, thank you for your warmth! Dieter and Merja, it's been a pleasure!)


(But, my bus is already coming over there! BYE BYE!)