(1: I dreamt that I decided to fly to Stockholm on a children's toy plane. I can't remember why, but my friends thought it's a good idea. I remember surprisingly well what the plane looked like. 2: Flying without fuel turned out to be easy peasy, no problem at all and the scenery was pretty as well.) 




(1: But of course there was a problem, I was flying in a wrong direction. 2: To my horror I realised I was in Russian air space and in panic I turned back. I landed in Imatra, but have absolutely no memory of it. 3: I only remember that I was in front of some seedy suburb bar and my nose was bleeding. Someone had just punched me in the face )



(1: Right in front of me stood Aake Kalliala, weeping.* 2: I can't remember if he had been crying already before smacking my face. 3: I only knew that Aake has a really big tattoo on his back that says "I'm Human, not God". It's alright, Aake.)


* Aake Kalliala is a Finnish actor and I don't know why he was in my dream or if he actually has any tattoos.