(I almost graduated!)


Eilen oli TAMKin valmistujaisseremonia ja vaikka meni ihan helvetin hilkulle, niin saan minäkin paperini pihalle 30.6.! Silloin meikä on virallisesti Kuvataiteilija (amk).

Toi lappunen ei siis ole vielä todistus, vaan Pajarin Poikien Perinneyhdistyksen 500 euron stipendi(!). Jos tuo raha menisi vielä laitteistoihin ja välineisiin eikä vain ruokaan ja vuokraan, niin voi jukranpujut!

Yesterday the Tampere University of Applied Sciences had it's graduation ceremony and even though it was *damn* close that I couldn't graduate this summer, even I will get my degree on 30th of June! Then I am officially an Artist (BFA).

So, that little piece of paper is not the diploma, but a 500 euro grant from Pajarin Poikien Perinneyhdistys (god knows how that should be translated)! If I only got to use that money on equipment instead of just food and rent I'd be pleased as punch!


Ihan nostalgian tähden tässä on blogipäivitys neljän vuoden takaa, juuri kolmen päivän valintakoepuristuksen jälkeen.

For the sake of nostalgia here's a blog post from 4 ago, just after 3 days of pretty exhausting entrance exams.


(Diagram for the State of Motivation in TTVO Entrance Examination *The state varies from ‘Really wild’(top) to ‘Really bad’(bottom)* Monday: – Roar! – Morale was pretty high at first but because of high expectations but by evening it had sunken down to weeping point – I’m Scared!  
Tuesday:  On the morning morale was rising thanks to rest and self-cheering -Raah! – However motivation went down again after a rough evening 
Wednesday: Motivation is sinking… The target questions her choice. Paradoxically she regains her will to fight 
Thursday:  – They can go blow themselves! – The target went through the last day relaxed after realizing that TTVO isn’t the center of the Universe, it’s not even the center of Finland. The mood improved even more towards the evening, when there was hanging out with friends to be expected.)


 Katsotaan, mitä seuraavaksi tapahtuu!

We'll see what happens next!